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Dr. Juanita Woodson is an apostle of Jesus Christ with several gifts of the Holy Spirit. She has been gifted by God with a renowned prophetic voice, and has a deep passion for healing and deliverance. Dr. Woodson believes in the life-changing power of prayer and prophecy. Signs and wonders follow her ministry, and Believers across the world have shared testimonies of breakthrough and deliverance.

Dr. Woodson is no novice to the things of Christ. Over the last two decades, she has operated in her stead as an Apostle, traveling across the country, helping to build and fortify ministries. She also successfully stewards her own ministry cohorts, training leaders in the five-fold and deliverance. Dr. Woodson has a heart for leaders and desires to see every leader in the body of Christ properly equipped with the tools to set captives free.

As a wife and mother, Dr. Woodson has spent years learning to balance the many hats she wears. She is an author, counselor, wealth coach, and public speaker. She and her husband are also serial entrepreneurs, committed to building legacies for their children and grandchildren. In her entrepreneurial career, among other things, Dr. Woodson is the CEO of a nonprofit organization and owns a publishing company, luxury car rental agency, and financial literacy coaching group. Through her coaching group she teaches men and women how to RECOVER and BREAK FREE from the chains of poverty, depression, financial loss, humiliation, and business setbacks.

Dr. Woodson believes her success as a serial entrepreneur and financial literacy coach is, in part, due to her personal experiences with poverty. She is no stranger to financial loss, and has experienced eviction, repossession, and even bankruptcy. But glory be to God, that was not her end. Despite being labeled with a learning disability at a young age, Dr. Woodson, in partnership with the Holy Spirit, has earned three college degrees, each with highest honors. She was the first African American woman to develop, open, and operate a child welfare agency in her local community.

Dr. Woodson gives all glory to God for entrusting her to impact lives. She does not take for granted her successes and the lessons she’s learned along the way. She will continue to expand the Kingdom of God by sharing the gospel, equipping leaders and developing entrepreneurs as long as she lives. 


Juanita Woodson


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