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Alexis Jackson became a Certified Life Coach in February 2018. As a wife and mother of three children, she understands the importance of planning and organization, but also knows how the busyness of life can make those things difficult. Through Life Coaching, Alexis has helped many people establish healthy boundaries, break out of cycles of procrastination, and healthily manage seasons of transition.


She coaches through a lens of empathy and compassion while
simultaneously holding her clients accountable to their goals. Additionally, as a person who has experienced a significant amount of transition in her life (marriage, relocation, parenthood,
professional transitions, and more), Alexis is uniquely qualified to help others work through their own transitions. She feels energized when helping people process their thoughts and identify resolutions to meet their needs. She also loves developing plans and creating milestones, which are both essential to achieving and measuring success.


In her professional career, Alexis has a bachelor's degree in Public Administration and works as a nonprofit Development Manager for a national social justice organization. She is passionate about helping people help themselves and believes that every person has the potential to live a successful life.


Coach Alexis Jackson

Pastor Keisha Millis

Pastor Keisha R. Mills is a transformational leader, passionate preacher, Pastor, mentor, and a woman of honor who ministers under a prophetic-teaching anointing. With years of faithful ministry experience as an Armor Bearer, Intercessor, Elder and Prophet, it is quite evident that the hand of God is on her life, her call and her ministry. Pastor Mills returned to her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland in 2018, and planted Kingdom Transformers Church of Believers where she serves as the Lead Pastor. Her prophetic tongue is ready to speak that which the Lord has given her to feed the body of Christ and set captives free for the glory of God.


Pastor Mills is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over 20 years of industry experience. She owned and operated KMills Hair Salon in Atlanta, Georgia for many years. However, it was under the unction of the Holy Spirit that she moved from behind the chair and pursued further studies in Counseling. With the odds stacked against her, she persevered through hard seasons and completed her graduate studies with a Master’s Degree in Counseling in 2018. This served as a testimony that she has been called by God to serve both the kingdom and the marketplace.


In 2019, under the KMills Ministries umbrella, Pastor Mills launched, “Women Who Fight” Women’s Ministries. It was her hearts delight as its CEO and Founder to see countless women in her city healed, restored and armed with the weapons needed to fight against life’s challenges.


Above all of her life’s achievements, marketplace experience, and ministry accolades, Keisha boasts in being the proud wife of Deacon Kenneth Mills Sr. He undoubtedly serves as her biggest cheerleader and partner in ministry. Together, they are the proud parents of two audacious sons, Kenneth Mills Jr., and Chaze Mills, and one beautiful daughter, Diamond Mills.

As a native of Atlanta, Georgia, Mintoria Yvonne Webb experienced her fair share of highs and lows.  After witnessing the selling of drugs, drug use, domestic abuse, and the loss of loved ones, she could have easily succumbed to the pressures of her environment to fall into a cyclical trap of hopelessness and defeat.  Giving birth to four wonderful children and taking the necessary steps as a single mother to ensure they had what they needed without missing a beat was a constant struggle, but she conquered those struggles with the grace afforded to her by God.  

That same grace saved her as she was in the hospital praying for someone who holds a special place in her heart. She accepted Christ into her life, and constantly credits God with all of her successful endeavors. Her most recent endeavor, an authentically penned autobiographical memoir, “Broken Pieces”, has received rave reviews.  The book’s title defines how God has taken hold of a vessel that was once broken into several pieces.  He took those pieces, reshaped her, and her story is inspiring many who have taken the opportunity to read this amazing story of her life’s journey.


Mintoria has been blessed to be a part of some incredible ministries, but one in particular has captured her heart. Mintoria is the founder and creator of the Px3=Me (Pretty. Powerful. Prophetic Women) Ministry, which is a women's ministry that is designed for mentoring, supporting and empowering other women in the body of Christ.


Mintoria Webb


Apostle Dawn Littlejohn Smith

Apostle | Light | Balance | Neutron | Antidote | Intercessor | Worshipper | Destiny Unlocker | Key
Master | Pioneer

Apostle Dawn Smith is a visionary with a strong prophetic and healing gift. Dawn is CEO and owner of Restoring Balance Holistic located in Raleigh, NC. She is a licensed Massage Therapist and is the founder of The Esther Experience.

In her massage practice, she uses a faith-based lens to bring balance and restore peace to the body, souland spirit. She uses a variety of anointing oils and essential oils as touch-points of faith to release
healing. Restoring Balance Holistic’ s tag line is ‘Find your peace. Restore your balance.’The Esther Experience (TEE) is a registered trademark of Restoring Balance Holistic Massage, LLC and
was birthed in The Secret Place of the Most High.


TEE is a luxury pampering protocol designed to take the daughters of the Kingdom from Royalty to Royalty and to prepare them for the extension of the scepter based on Esther 2:12.
Dawn is the chief formulator for her line of Anointed Aromas collection room sprays, room sprays, perfumes, wax melts, and wax crumbles.


3 John 2:2
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

Dr. Tonya Joyner Scott is well-known for delivering sincere and passionate messages in all she does. Her husband, Dexter L. Scott, and she launched "The Upgraders," a Personal Development Company specializing in Emotional Intelligence, Influencing Styles, and Mindset Development.


Her mission is to advance the kingdom of God throughout the world, and her ministry is found in what she does as an entrepreneur. She is an International Speaker, Mindset Development Trainer/Coach, and Mentor to tens of thousands of people. Dr. Tonya teaches people how to dream bigger and step outside of their comfort zones in order to discover unlimited possibilities.


Her reputation in the corporate and faith-based communities as a gifted and inspirational speaker, trainer, and compassion-driven success coach is well-known. Her speaking engagements and trainings are reaching an expanding number of people seeking financial gain, emotional healing, mental development, and spiritual transformation. Tonya delivers educational, entertaining, and thrilling experiences, as well as empowering talks, by drawing on life lessons learned through personal trials and tribulations. She has traversed the world, offering inspiring examples, revolutionary information, thought-provoking content, and personal stories from which audiences may relate and gain inspiration.


She helps people by breaking the grip that mediocrity, limiting beliefs, failure, and anxiety have on their minds.

Her life's desire and passion is to expand individuals to a new degree of thinking in every aspect of life, and her tagline is, "Exposure Brings Closure".

Dr. Tonya Joyner-Scott


Prophetess Eumeka Brandon

Demonica Banks

Special Guests

Special Guests


Prophetess LaJeanne Palmer


Lolitia Newman

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