Pastor Crystal answered the call of duty on her life in 1999. Since then, she has been compelled to accomplish her purpose for the working of the ministry with prayer and supplications.  Her life’s experiences and overcoming breast cancer placed a mandated charge on her life to preach the gospel.  She has been charged and proven worthy of her calling by the Elders who have mentored and witnessed her callings as well as by Apostle Tommy and Pastor Darlene Brown (her “spiritual parents”) of New Disciples Worship Center, Boynton Beach Florida and Pastor William James Bouie (her “spiritual father/ Mentor”) of Community Deliverance Church, Boynton Beach Florida.  Pastor Crystal fully operates in the healing and deliverance ministry.

Pastor Crystal is a First Generation Pastor and was ordained to preach the gospel from her mother’s womb.  She is the tenth child of nine other siblings.  She fully operates in the Five-Fold Ministry and demonstrates the 9 Gifts of the Holy Spirit. A double portion mantle which was passed down from her mother, Mother Arlena Pugh.  

Pastor Crystal was diagnosed with breast cancer on January 28, 2014, which was her birthday and the same day the ice storm hit Atlanta Georgia.  She put all her faith in God and He responded by giving her a miracle with signs and wonders.

Pastor Crystal was diagnosed with breast cancer again on September 15, 2016.  Once again, the Lord answered by giving her a miracle with signs and wonders that followed. She is a walking miracle and a living testimony.  

Pastor Crystal is an Educator of 20 plus years, entrepreneur, songwriter, author, revivalist, conference speaker, and the facilitator of a girls club. She has two Women’s Ministries, CAFÉ & S.W.A.G.  Her Book is Titled, “What Is Your Purpose? She has two beautiful daughters, Tracey and Rontier.

Crystal Pugh

Prophetess Bwana Holmes (Buwana Holmes Ministries, INC)

Modest, disciplined, discerning, and judicious are all words that describe Prophetess Bwana Holmes. Prophetess Bwana is a faithful Woman of God born in Tallahatchie County and raised in Grenada & Calhoun City, MS. Her steps are ordered of the Lord First as a Woman who loves God and His people. She is the devoted wife of Torrance Holmes and the Mother of 3- Zebediah, Zoey, and Joziah Prophetess Bwana began to witness the presence of God in her life, through strong discernment at a young age and by the age of 30, she fully answered her call to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus. Since then, she has shared her spiritual gifts with the body of Christ through teaching, motivational speaking, writing, and by rightly dividing the word of God.


A now published Author of a 31 Day Devotional and she is also a seasoned worshipper who has shared the platform with several well-known artists and the local church. She graciously allows the Lord to use her prophetic gift of exhortation, wisdom, healing and deliverance at many church conferences and meetings where invited. She is the Founder of WISE WOMEN BUILD Ministries, where she teaches the young and the young at heart. They are mentored and put on the path of destiny. Prophetess Bwana has also received a Christian Counselor’s Certification at the International College of Ministry (ICM) with Doctors Ray Self and Geraldine Rush. It is for the enabling of the Abba Shift My Life- Life-Classes and personal ONE on ONE Coach/Counseling Sessions.


It is her sincere desire to increase in knowledge and wisdom of God’s Word while equipping the Believer. In this hour she’s charged the Body of Christ to rise to her greatest potential with fervency and endurance and BUILD! Prophetess Bwana Holmes, Buwana Holmes Ministries, INC.

Bwana Holmes

Mintoria Webb

As a native of Atlanta, Georgia, Mintoria Yvonne Webb experienced her fair share of highs and lows.  After witnessing the selling of drugs, drug use, domestic abuse, and the loss of loved ones, she could have easily succumbed to the pressures of her environment to fall into a cyclical trap of hopelessness and defeat.  Giving birth to four wonderful children and taking the necessary steps as a single mother to ensure they had what they needed without missing a beat was a constant struggle, but she conquered those struggles with the grace afforded to her by God.  

That same grace saved her as she was in the hospital praying for someone who holds a special place in her heart. She accepted Christ into her life, and constantly credits God with all of her successful endeavors. Her most recent endeavor, an authentically penned autobiographical memoir, “Broken Pieces”, has received rave reviews.  The book’s title defines how God has taken hold of a vessel that was once broken into several pieces.  He took those pieces, reshaped her, and her story is inspiring many who have taken the opportunity to read this amazing story of her life’s journey.


Mintoria has been blessed to be a part of some incredible ministries, but one in particular has captured her heart. Mintoria is the founder and creator of the Px3=Me (Pretty. Powerful. Prophetic Women) Ministry, which is a women's ministry that is designed for mentoring, supporting and empowering other women in the body of Christ.

Jackie Flemming

Jackie Flemming

Jackie Flemming is a sought after speaker. She has spoken at various venues from elementary schools to business and empowerment seminars. She has been the keynote speaker at women's conferences and women's events held at churches. She passionately shares her story and impacts the lives of many. Jackie also conducts her own workshops and seminars, the most popular being her Purpose Seekers events (A Night of Purpose; Purpose Seekers Empowerment Brunch; etc.), which she holds annually.


Jackie Flemming is the author of several books: "Purpose Seekers", "Purpose Seekers Journal", "You Matter", and "Stay Focused".


As a minister, Jackie teaches a women’s Bible Study every Monday at 6:30 pm at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. Jackie also conducts a prayer service at 5 am every Wednesday at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. Jackie Flemming holds a special Purpose Seekers Empowerment Call every Thursday from 8 am to 9 am.


Staying true to her roots in the fashion industry, Jackie started her own boutique called Unique Ladies Boutique, where she focuses on helping women to look classy and sexy. Jackie also does acting still. She has been seen on shows like Being Mary Jane and others.


And just when you thought that was enough, Jackie still manages to be a mother of three (Timothy the 3rd, Timera, and Jeremiah) and a wife (of Timothy Flemming, Jr.). She has learned how to balance work, home, business, ministry, and all other areas and obligations by constantly relying on the guidance of the Holy Spirit in her life. With God first, as Jackie often shares, all other areas of our lives will fall into place.

Dawn Littlejohn Smith is an intercessor and worshiper, as well as an anointed minister of dance. Dawn has lived in multiple countries and states and has enjoyed fellowshipping with the other believers from all over the world. While living abroad in Kuwait, she fulfilled the assignment of Pastor to a body of believers at Gethsemane House of Prayer. As Pastor, she experienced the mighty hand of God during weekly services. She has served in many offices of the Five-Fold ministry and has witnessed Gifts of the Spirt in action. She strongly believes in signs, miracles and wonders following the Word.

Growing up as a child in Smithfield, VA; Holy Spirit was her best friend. She fellowshipped with Him daily with the innocence of child and believes that relationship caused her to enjoy life under the protection of Heaven.  Even through what would appear to be difficult times, her spirit didn’t feel or take on any of the heaviness of situations.

Her walk with the Lord led her to enroll in massage therapy school at the age of 48. Her journey further led her to leave her corporate career to pursue massage therapy full time. Dawn Littlejohn Smith is CEO and owner of Restoring Balance Holistic Massage located in Raleigh, NC. She is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist and is a Wellness Consultant.

Dawn has a passion for helping clients achieve balance. What is balance? Balance is having the individual parts of you supplement and complement each other to transform the sum total of you into the best version of you.

She believes massage is a holistic way to restore synergy, balance and homeostasis to the body. By having synergy between your body, soul and spirit, it creates peace and allows the natural healing process to occur.  Dis-ease is a lack of energy, vitality, information or peace with the body that originates from the body, soul or spirit. It is unnatural to be sick; our bodies are designed to heal itself thus it is always striving to maintain balance. Healing happens from within us because healing is a process of consciousness.


By becoming conscious, we receive missing energy, information, specific range or pattern of electromagnetic vibrations.

She creates sacred healing experiences using an integrative approach by incorporating sight, sound, aroma, and touch. The ultimate goal is complete relaxation so you are open to hear and receive what God, through your higher self is communicating so you can re-balance. Her wellness journey started with the love of aromatherapy and led her to the intriguing world of massage therapy.


Dawn is certified in doTerra AromaTouch, Hot Stones and Mu-Xing therapy. Her massage modalities include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Trigger Point, and Lomi Lomi. She loves creating her own massage oils using various essential oils and incorporating them into her massages.

She is currently studying to become a Certified Aromatherapist. In addition, she loves Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and sound therapy and incorporates those elements into her massage sessions when possible.

She is spirit filled and spirit led in all of her massage sessions and gives glory to God, praise to Yeshua and high-fives to her teacher, leader and guide Holy Spirit.

Dawn Littlejohn

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